About Me

Welcome to my world. I, as many writers are very complex. Ideas, stories, characters, words just barge into my thoughts on a hourly basis. Sometimes I can be seen muttering to myself or scribbling the odd sentence at the most obscure times. It is a curse as well as a good feeling. The worst feeling is when you’re blank of ideas, thoughts, emotions then whilst staring at a void of paper, the subconscious takes over and words are no longer asleep.

As far as I can remember I have always written stories in some form or another from the little tales in English classes to scripts for drama classes. I believe that reading phenomenal writers such as George Orwell, CS Lewis and Lewis Carroll had a huge influence on my desire become a writer. There a myriad of writers I could mention but the blog would be full of names.

I write what I think is right and true in the sense of, if my thoughts for the plot are set in a certain way, whether it should be written in that form or not, I write it.

Hope you enjoy my ramblings.





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